• Composite processing center

    Composite processing center

    The equipment is a set of milling, drilling, tapping, chamfering as one of the three axis gantry processing center, suitable for various lengths of copper, aluminum and other metal processing. Adopt German Siemens system, stable performance, easy to operate and learn. Taiwan imported high-speed mechanical spindle, good rigidity, the maximum speed up to 20000RPM, to ensure the stability of processing, suitable for medium, light machining. Adopt spray cooling system, which has good cooling ability to the cutting tool and workpiece; Adopt Taiwan imported bt30-16t flying saucer knife library, which can realize automatic knife change function, and the knife change time is about 2S. Use a drawer type chip collecting basin to facilitate the collection of processed chips. Adopt protective sheet metal cover in processing area to ensure operator safety and equipment hygiene. The high-speed driving performance of the equipment is good: the fastest speed of X axis can reach 90M/min, and that of Y and Z axis can reach 48m /min. Models of different specifications can be customized according to the length of the workpiece (X-axis stroke :1.5-20 meters).


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